About us

We are an independent, non-profit, non-govermental organisation dedicated to research and education in the tradition of Adam Smith, the father of modern economics.

Ideas matter. They affect public policies and our future. That's why we are passionate about communicating the merits of a society based on individual self-responsibility, limited government & the rule of law, freedom of exchange, and permissionless innovation.
These ideas constitute what we call Free Market Humanitarianism. Market-based societies don't just benefit the 1%—they generate peace and prosperity for all.

Global Partners

The Adam Smith Center is part of a global network of classical liberal scholars, think tanks, and educational organisations. We work with these thought leaders to make the case for pro-market principles in society.


We are part of the Atlas Network which comprises more than 500 pro-market think tanks in 90s countries who pro-mote localised & homegrown initiatives to alleviate poverty. As part of the "Doing Development Differently" project, the Atlas Network assists local NGOs to improve the ease of doing business and access to capital.


We are also part of the Economic Freedom of the World Network comprising more than 100 pro-market organisations around the world. Conceptualised by the Fraser Institute, the annual Economic Freedom of the World Index ranks Singapore consistently within the top 3 spots with its strong protection of property rights, the rule of law, and pro-business environment.


We have also worked with the School of Social Sciences at Singapore Management University on a joint Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) event series, which has covered topics such as understanding class divides and the origins of modern prosperity.


Key highlights

We featured Mr Vikram Nair, Singapore Member of Parliament at our event commemorating the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019.

We participated in a policy forum hosted by Young PAP and Young NTUC, which was attended by Singapore Member of Parliament Christopher de Souza.

As part of the Singapore Bicentennial, we hosted a VIP dinner for our donors and supporters to meet MEP Daniel Hannan.

We featured Singaporean political economist Linda Low in our event on intellectual property rights and economic growth.