Liberalism Unveiled: Forging a New Third Way for Singapore

Since 1965, Singapore's politics has been dominated by the People's Action Party. Under its signature style of technocratic elitism, Singapore was propelled to the dizzying heights of first-world prosperity. This approach has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years by a new generation of left-leaning progressive scholars and activists condemning the excesses of "neoliberalism" in Singapore. The PAP's mode of governance that prioritizes economic growth is criticised by these scholars in favour of a European-style welfare state and higher state intervention for egalitarian reasons.

Bryan Cheang and Donovan Choy break this traditional pro-PAP versus anti-PAP dichotomy by providing a fresh classical liberal perspective into Singaporean political discourse.

"Cheang and Choy have produced a brilliant and useful book. They describe how Singapore's path forward is contested between 'conservatives', who support continued state power over society, and 'democratic socialists', who seek state control over the economy. Instead, they chart a 'classical liberal' course for Singapore, emphasizing freedom, economic and social. They show how and why this improves the human condition. Importantly, they also show liberalism is not a 'western' concept, but a universal one that recognizes the dignity of all individuals to make their own choices. This book should have a huge impact on the thinking of Singapore's future!"

Fred McMahon
Dr Michael A Walker Chair of Economic Freedom Research
Fraser Institute, Canada