Overseas Learning Opportunities

As part of our mission to inspire and build a new generation of leaders grounded in free market humanitarianism, the Adam Smith Center provides students with overseas learning opportunities with our international partners. These include summer seminars, conferences and even short-term exchange programs.

Program Overview

The following are some of the overseas learning opportunities that we recommend. Those interested should take note of the respective dates and schedules of the specific program as well as the eligibly criteria and application process.


Interested students are free to apply directly to the relevant organisations. However, those doing so through the Adam Smith Center may receive scholarship funding to defray any travel, accommodation or registration expenses, courtesy of our donors, as well as preferential consideration during application.


These scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis to high potential students who show an interest in classical liberal-conservative ideas, a desire to pursue further policy work or an academic career. Successful scholars are selected based on the quality of their written statement and career profile, academic merit as well as financial need.


For more information, please email us at connect@adamsmith.com.sg.

The Asia Institute for Political Economy by the Fund for American Studies (TFAS)

The Asia Institute for Political Economy is a summer exchange program held annually in Hong Kong organised by the Fund for American Studies, in partnership with George Mason University.


Participants get to learn from leading scholars in the fields of PPE, forge friendships with students all across Asia and the United States, and also immerse themselves in the local business landscape in Hong Kong. Former guest speakers include Mrs Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, and Mr James Thompson from CROWN Worldwide.


Preference is given to students studying social sciences with an interest in economics. Only current university undergraduate students are eligible. Students may apply directly to the program or do so through the Adam Smith Center.

Summer Seminars by the Institute for Humane Studies

The Institute for Humane Studies is based at George Mason University in Arlington, VA, and runs annual summer seminars for advanced undergraduate as well as graduate students. These are typically week-long events comprising lectures, discussion sessions and social gatherings. Alumni of the IHS are also eligible for further funding, advising or learning opportunities to further their pursuit of an academic career.

Freedom Week by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) and Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA)

Both ASI and IEA are think-tanks based in London, UK, and they jointly host Freedom Week, held annually at Cambridge University. It is a highly prestigious opportunity that is well-attended by a select pool of students around the world. Each seminar is taught by leading academics, and past instructors have included economic historian Tyler Goodspeed, political economist Mark Pennington and economists David and Emily Skarbek.

FEEcon is an annual conference held in Atlanta by the Foundation for Economic Education. A highly engaging event for students and young professionals, it has 6 varied tracks, including creative arts, entrepreneurship and value creation as well as skills for success.

Attendees get to also meet special guests, which in the past have included the award-winning Chinese-American cellist Tina Guo, the philanthropist and CEO of charity: water Scott Harrison, and Magatte Wade, a social entrepreneur named as one of Forbes’ 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa. Students may apply directly to the program or do so through the Adam Smith Center via the form above.

FEEcon by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)